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What's different 

about Trina?

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Seeing existing clientele only

By Appointment Only

***Closed to new clients at this time***

In one word: RESULTS! Trina (she/her) uses a European-style of massage which pinpoints the source of musculoskeletal pain. She finds it to be very effective at providing fast, long-lasting relief. Most people think things have to hurt before they get better; however, Trina prefers to do deep tissue work in a very subtle manner - you shouldn’t feel like you’ve been beaten up the next day; you should enjoy more flexibility and less pain!

Trina G. Jennings, LMT, SAMT, BCTMB (she/her) graduated from Ashmead College in 2004 and received national certification (now called board certification). Since then, she has been working in the field in a chiropractic, massage clinic, and multidisciplinary clinic setting with both naturopaths and acupuncturists.


Trina is a versatile therapist, skilled at healing and enhancing the lives of a diverse clientele. Her unique style and approach to massage therapy has benefited clients of all types. A Level II Reiki and Polarity Therapy student, she loves blending her energy work training into every massage session, providing a deep sense of relief and uniqueness to every experience. 
Trina is skilled in aromatherapy, cupping, heated bamboo, and the principles of Tuina (Chinese massage). She has also had the privilege of studying the Daucik Method with Zdenka Daucik, a European physiotherapist, and incorporates this very specific, long-lasting deep treatment work into her practice as well. Trina pays close attention to subtle body cues during a session and always makes sure clients are comfortable on her table.

Passionate about educating her clients, she has successfully published several articles that help teach basic anatomy and principles of massage therapy to the public. She has also hosted training workshops for couples.

In addition to helping others and being a general super hero, she enjoys yoga, music, writing, traveling, and playing with her kitties. She's also a student of Chun Kuo Kung Fu and received the coveted black sash in December 2018. Trina continues to study Kung Fu for health, fitness, and philosophy.

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