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"I'm now Board Certified in massage therapy! What does that mean? You get assurance that your massage therapist is dedicated to the highest level of care in all aspects, including education, application, ethics, and profession. I am honored to receive this distinction because it helps other health care professionals know their patients are in good hands when they see me. We're working so hard to be recognized and respected as health care providers, and having Board Certification is a good step towards national recognition in the health care community!"

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She’s a muscle whisperer!

Trigger finger is completely gone!

Goodbye shin splints!

Trina listens not only to my words, but my body and always leaves me feeling better.

My golf game has improved, thanks to Trina!

Her expertise of anatomy is beyond compare.

She finds the sore spots along my spine before I tell her where they are.

Fantastic treatment work, not your average LMP THAT’S for sure!

You’ve done a tremendous job with my back, thank you!

I can move more freely!

You not only heal my body, you heal my spirit.

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