In 2017, Trina became a licensed Small Animal Massage Therapist (SAMT). Service is done comfortably in your home with your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, or other small animal and available by appointment only. Trina brings over a decade of human massage experience and her natural compassion for animal companions to her small animal massage practice. She'll treat your family like her family - she has three very spoiled cats, all of who thoroughly enjoy massage!


Q: How much do you charge for animal massage?

A: $50 per visit. Plan on about 90 minutes for the first session and be sure to have your most recent veterinary visit notes on hand for reference. Subsequent visits last roughly 45 minutes, which include massage, any notes or homework for you, payment and rebooking time.

Q: Why should I get massage for my pet?

A: Because pets are FAMILY! And just like you, they may benefit from massage therapy. Massage benefits have shown improved range of motion, less pain, less swelling, and overall general improvement in quality of life. The results usually show more quickly in small animals too - you will usually see your furry friend perk up after one or two sessions!

Q: My pet recently had an injury or surgery. Can massage help?

A: In most cases, massage can help accelerate the healing process by keeping swelling and scar tissue formation at bay. Be sure to have your pet seen by your veterinarian and cleared for massage before booking your appointment. Your vet can contact me if there are any questions. (425) 647-8831 or email

Did you know? Western medicine is very optimistic about small animal massage. Here are some links to PubMed, one of the leading research sites.

Small Animal Massage Therapy: A Brief Review and Relevant Observations.

The role of physical medicine and rehabilitation for patients in palliative and hospice care.

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